Sales Commission

- What we Do

We are a Process Serving Company we deliver legal document to their respective parties.

We operate in the Dallas Forth Worth Metroplex.

- What we need from you

Find attorneys, law firms, para legals, loan providers, and individuals doing DIY cases, who need service of process. It's better to find law firms as they tend to have multiple orders witch mean more commission for you.

As or right now we need new clients in the Dallas Forth Worth metroplex. We can accept clients out side of the area as long as a portion of their orders are in the area.

- Commissions

10% - Our cut
25% - Sales Rep <==This Is You
50% to 65% - Server / Contractor


Sales Reps  will receive 25% of all sales from each customer for a month.
Customers tend to spend $75 to $800 in the first month so your commission can be $20 to $200 per new customer.

-Tracking Sales

We track your sales in 3 ways

  1. Tracking links
    • your tracking cookie last 60 days
  2. The customer  specifying who referred them when signing up
  3.  Custom phone numbers
    • you can get a custom phone number after a few sales

Your commissions last for 1 month per new customer. Most Customers place many orders a month so you will get 25% of each order for a month.